Take over the kingdom one dice roll at a time
Rolldyce Kingdoms
There's a new board game in town and all the local kings, queens, lords and ladies want to try their hand.

Roll the dice and place your counters on the board to take over rows, columns, fields and castles. Score the most points and declare yourself ruler of the whole kingdom!

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Face off against twelve opponents in this quickfire dice-rolling game. Get the highest score on 6 dice in three rolls - but watch out for the dragons... works on Android, Windows and iOS in your web browser.

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Play the original online
Rolldyce Kingdoms was originally created for GMC Jam 42 by Dan Johnston. You can play it in HTML5 or on your PC now.

Defeat six opponents of varying difficulty levels in a bid to capture the kingdoms and become the best player in the bar.

Affordable & Accessible
We want Rolldyce Kingdoms to be enjoyed by as many people as possible. That's why we're planning to create a print-your-own version of the game as an alternative to the premium board game experience.

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